Event - Drug Dealer
A man with an eyepatch and a devilish grin casually strides up to you. 

"Hey there stranger. Interested in advancing science? I can make you stronger than any training or blessing. You're gonna need it if you're one of those heroes with a death wish.

Whad'ya say?" 

[Test J.A.X] Get JAXXED. (Gain J.A.X.) Edit


The man hands over a dangerous looking syringe filled with a Glowing Liquid before skulking off into a shadowy alleyway.

Gain J.A.X.

[Become Test Subject] Choose and transform 2 cards in your deck. Edit

[Ingest Mutagens] Gain a special relic. (Mutagenic Strength) Edit


You quaff the mysterious substance. Immediately, you are invigorated and feel your muscle fibers twitch.

Gain Mutagenic Strength. (+3 Strength for the first turn of combat)