Evolve is a Power card for the Ironclad. It inserts 2 Wounds into the draw pile; then, for every turn after it's played, an extra card will be drawn to make up for every Status card drawn. As an Uncommon card, it appears as a reward for combat, although less often than Commons.

Upon upgrade, drawing Wounds results in two extra cards instead of one.


  • This card may seem detrimental at first. After all, what's the point of adding cards that do nothing but make up for their own uselessness? Evolve+ fixes this problem by turning every Wound into what's basically "0 Energy: Draw 2 cards".
  • Furthermore, Evolve's extra card draw works even with Wounds from other sources. This can trivialize enemies who fight by flooding the deck with Wounds.
  • Lastly, a player may use powerful cards such as Power Through and Wild Strike without their deck suffering nearly as much, so long as Evolve is played before those Wounds are drawn.
    • However, the player must be wary of their own 10-card hand limit when abusing Wounds on purpose. For example: If Evolve+ is active, and then the 5-card hand Wound, Wound, Strike+, Defend, Bash is drawn, Evolve+ will trigger four times. It draws three Wounds and a Strike, which causes Evolve+ to trigger six times. But it can only draw one card, and it's another Wound. Now the player's hand is full, and they only ended up with 4/5 playable cards. This event might seem unlikely, but worse can easily happen in tiny decks that used a lot of card removal to play Power Through over and over, for example.
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