The Gremlin Nob is an Elite enemy found only on the first floor of the Spire. The enemy may seem weak for an Elite, but how effectively it crushes decks which rely on Skills and how early it's encountered make it a dangerous enemy.

# Name Intent Strength Other
1 Enrage Intent - Buff - Grants Enrage 2 - whenever you play a Skill, gains 2 Strength
2 Intent - Aggressive - Sword 22
3 Skull Bash Intent - Debuff - Sword 6 Applies Vulnerable 2

Pattern Edit

  1. Enrage!
  2. EITHER:
    • Attack 22, or;
    • Attack 6 + Vulnerable 2.
  3. Repeat 2.

Tips Edit

  • With the exception of the first turn, where it has yet to apply Enrage, playing Skills will make the Gremlin Nob much more threatening. Since most Block-granting cards are also Skills, it can be worth more to not play them and take the damage instead. Before using a Skill to mitigate damage, consider how much longer the fight might take.
    • With the Ironclad's Basic deck, the fight is about being as aggressive as possible until the very end. Use Bash to apply Vulnerable as much as possible, and play every Strike you're dealt. When you feel the Nob will only have one turn left to live, it can be beneficial to play a Defend versus a Skull Bash. Burning Blood will absorb some of the impact of the fight at the end.
    • With the Silent's Basic deck, the fight becomes more painful. The objective, however, does not change. Play Neutralize whenever possible, as it is technically not a Skill. Taking 4 or 10 damage should be much more manageable. Otherwise, lay in with Strikes whenever possible.
    • If your deck has Powers, they may be played without fear. The Nob only punishes Skills.
    • Potions do not trigger Enrage, and can be very useful to block.