"The remaining soldier of the Ironclads. Sold his soul to harness demonic energies."

The Ironclad is one of three playable characters in Slay the Spire. He wields an arsenal of powerful strikes, boasts formidable defensive options, and can draw fiendish power from his demonic benefactors. The default deck contains:

The Ironclad's starting Relic is Burning Blood, which heals 6 HP after every combat.

See Ironclad cards for a full list of cards available to the Ironclad.

Strategies Edit

There are many possible combinations of cards that work well together. It is often useful to not take a card if it doesn't support the combo you are going for. Some strategies include (please add more!):

High defense Edit

High strength with high volume of attacksEdit

  • Spot Weakness
    W spot-weakness
    , Flex
    , Limit Break
    , Demon Form
    , Inflame are cards that offer strength. A helpful tip with Flex in particular is that if you have an artifact before you use Flex, or trigger the effect of Orange Pellets after using Flex, you won't lose the strength gained from it on the next turn. This gives Flex good synergy with sources of artifacts, such as Clockwork Souvenir or Panacea
  • Whirlwind
    W whirlwind
    /Heavy Blade
    , Sword Boomerang
    , Twin Strike etc. are all cards that synergize well with strength.
  • This build focuses on increasing strength and multiply its power through the choice of attacks. Attacks that hit multiple creatures, or hit multiple times scale more effectively with Strength.
  • Reaper becomes a very powerful healing tool with high strength, especially when paired with a Magic Flower.
  • Vulnerability cards such as Bash, Trip, and Thunderclap work very well with the high damaging attacks offered to you with high strength.

Searing Blow Edit

Exhaustion synergy Edit

Exhaustion / Defense Combo Edit

  • Unlike the normal exhaustion and defense strategies above (which focus on building up power over time), your goal here is to try and make your deck almost entirely out of skills, get out Corruption
    and Dark Embrace
    together, then burn through your entire deck in one turn to raise your defense, with doubling effects from Entrench
    played last, finally followed by one or more to kill the enemy in one hit.
  • The essential cards are Corruption
    , Dark Embrace
    , Entrench
    , and Body Slam
    , plus cards like Impervious
    , Shrug It Off
    , and Sentinel
    W sentinel
    to build defense before you double it with Entrench. Provided you keep your deck overwhelmingly tilted towards skills and fill it with lots of card draw, you should only need to draw Corruption
    and Dark Embrace
    before you start comboing off; the rest of the combo will be found as you draw your deck. Multiple copies of Entrench or Body Slam (or things that duplicate them) are still extremely valuable; you also want to upgrade Corruption, Dark Embrace, and Body Slam to reduce the cost of the combo so you can deploy it faster.
  • It's also important to have cards that let you dig for your combo, such as Shrug It Off
    , Burning Pact
    W burning-pact
    , and Offering
    W offering
    . Beyond just letting you dig for your combo, these let you draw past attack cards when comboing off.
  • Hitting your hand maximum is a serious problem, especially if you obtain multiple copies of Dark Embrace or large numbers of card-drawing skill cards. Bloodletting
    W blood-letting
    can help you play other cards to get them out of your hand and can provide the energy you need to play Corruption and Dark Embrace as soon as possible. Burning Pact
    W burning-pact
    allows you to get unwanted cards out of your hands while drawing a large amount. Once the combo is deployed, Sentinel
    W sentinel
    will both provide additional block and a large amount of free energy to play out the rest of your hand. True Grit
    can be used to avoid cards getting clogged in your hand, but it's extremely important to upgrade it to avoid the risk of having it hit your combo pieces. Offering
    W offering
    both draws you cards and gives you energy to play your non-skills.
  • Double Tap
    and can amplify the final blow by doubling your Body Slam, while Secret Weapon
    can dig for your Body Slam. Do not upgrade your Secret Weapon, since you want it to be exhausted so Dark Embrace will let you draw a card off it.
  • Artifacts that provide persistent benefits to your defense or exhaustion intended to help you over multiple turns or which give you minor benefits for exhausts and blocks are somewhat less useful to you, since your goal is to combo off in a single turn for overwhelming damage rather than slowly accumulating benefits; but they're still worth collecting, since they give you a backup strategy in case you can't get all your combo pieces or something else goes wrong. Barricade
    is particularly useful because it allows you to, if necessary, split your combo over multiple turns, or to accumulate block slowly before you finally get everything you need to go off.
  • Removals should focus on getting rid of your Strike
    R strike
    s rather than your Defend
    R defend
    s; while your Defends aren't as good as your other block cards, they can still be cycled through for free once you have Corruption
    and Dark Embrace

Perfected Strike synergy Edit

Others Edit

  • exhaust cards with energy gain

Unlocks Edit

Unlock Number Prizes Unlocked
1st Heavy Blade
, Spot Weakness
W spot-weakness
, Limit Break
2nd Omamori, Prayer Wheel, Shovel
3rd Wild Strike
, Evolve
, Immolate
Immolate harder!!!!
4th Havoc
, Sentinel
W sentinel
, Exhume
5th Blue Candle, Dead Branch, Singing Bowl