Event - Living Wall

Living Wall is an Event in Act 1, The Exordium. Three friendly statues emerge from the stonework to offer their assistance, and the player must select one.

  • Forget: Remove a card from your deck
  • Change: Transform a card in your deck
  • Grow: Upgrade a card in your deck

There's no price or drawback to any choice. The only caveat is that once the player chooses a statue, they can't change their mind.

Strategy Edit

Be sure to check the decklist before choosing a head - once a choice is selected, it's locked in.

The Forget option is almost always superior. Even if the run has just started, removing a Strike or Defend is a smart play.

Some cards are much stronger when upgraded - if the player has a spicy card, the Grow option might sharply boost the deck's power. That said, if upgrading doesn't make or break the card, removing an irrelevant card is probably better, simply to increase the odds of drawing it.

The Change option is a risky one - a deck's strength is in its synergy, and adding random cards rarely helps. That said, if the Boss battle is near and the deck is dangerously weak, transforming a card could save the run. With enough luck, this option can dispose of a useless card and grant a powerful resource in one click.