HP: 240

Attack Mode: Edit


Mode Shift (After taking 30 damage, changes to a defensive mode)

Abilities: Edit

Name Intent Strength Other
Charging Up Block Intent (9)
Fierce Bash Intent - Attack - Sickle 32
Vent Steam Debuff2 - Vulnerable 2, Weakened 2
Whirlwind Intent - Attack - Cleaver 5x4

Will always perform the pattern Charging Up, Fierce Bash, Vent Steam, and then Whirlwind. Because of this, Whirlwind will always be 7x4 unless you can activate Defensive Mode prior to Vent Steam. When returning from Defensive Mode, the next attack will be Whirlwind, and then continue the pattern as normal. Also returning from Defensive Mode will add 10 to Mode Shift (40, 50, 60, 70).

Defensive Mode: Edit

Defensive Form

Abilities: Edit

Name Intent Strength Other
Defensive Mode Intent - Buff - Sharp Hide (Whenever you play an Attack, take 3 damage)
Intent - Aggressive - Sword 9
Twin Slam Intent - Attack Buff 8x2 Shift back to Attack Mode

Immediately gains 20 Block when shifting to Defensive Mode. Will perform the pattern Defensive Mode, (nameless attack), and Twin Slam. Will lose Sharp Hide when switching to Attack Mode. Also note that the damage done by Sharp Hide can be blocked, so don't be too afraid to attack